2021 Annual Radness Report

2021 Annual Radness Report

2021 started with me waking up in Utah with a healing broken foot. About two months before (back in 2020) an unfortunate outdoor adventure had me a tad mangled. It didn’t matter how achy the Utah desert cold made my body feel, the colors that surrounded me drowned out any pain I was experiencing.

The Rebrand

Once I was back in Montana it was time to start the rebrand. The short and skinny is that we have a new name, but the same great gear, brains, and beauty (I might add) behind the biz.

New Design {art} Releases

BHA x Feral Lyfe - Public Land Owner Leggings

In the name of Public Lands, we collaborated with the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers to create them a second custom design! Due to the craziness of 2020, the release was delayed and luckily we released in 2021, yay!

Spring Design Releases

Fish Creek


Morel Spell

Glow Feral Soul

You can learn more about the Spring Release designs on our blog here: https://ferallyfe.com/blogs/news/spring-releases-2021

Fall Design Release


 Learn more about the WyldFire Design by checking out this blog https://ferallyfe.com/blogs/news/new-design-wyldfire

Check out the whole collection here https://ferallyfe.com/collections/wyldfire

Summer Video Release

New Garment {styles} Releases

Adventure Dresses

Learn more about the dresses on our blog here https://ferallyfe.com/blogs/news/summer-dresses-have-arrived

Hoodie Dresses

Pullover Hoodies

About a year ago we asked you, our customers what type of products you would like to see Feral Lyfe offer. You all told us, overwhelmingly I might add, hoodies!

So we did A LOT of research. Prototypes, trial, and error, and it took us about a year to get it right...but I am SO STOKED to tell you we are now offering hoodies in your favorite designs!

After launch, there was an overwhelming ask for Men’s Hoodies! So we got our poop in a group and released a few of them as well!

Collaboration with Artemis

To promote women in the outdoors.

FeraL Lyfe Fashion Show: 2021

Kid's Book Release

Our HBIC (aka me) wrote, illustrated, and published a kid’s book! Mia, Roo and the Outdoorsy things the Do: Mia and Roo Go Fishing by Yana Robertson

Reflection of 2021

As I reflect back on 2021, I hold happiness in my heart. Although 2021 turned out to be a year of struggle (personally my mental health definitely look a hit having to spend so much time indoors this year due to wildfires (but hey at least I got a design out of it!)) I am happy to see the business thrive so well!

Things to Do in 2022

The theme of the year is going to be doin’ stuff! We have a few releases in the mix along with a raffle for a collab with one of you! 


Wanna collab? ##digitalartist ##appareldesign ##letscollab

♬ Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) - Dance Anthem
Thanks, everyone, here is to the end of 2021 and also the beginning of 2022! Cheers!

~ Yana Robertson - HBIC/Designer @ Feral Lyfe
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