Vibes behind the Design - WyldFire

Vibes behind the Design - WyldFire


A wildfire, blazing across the forest floor, lighting up the sky with smoke and sparks.

  • With Fire comes renewal. Fires remove dead trees and litter from the forest floor creating biodiversity and healthy ecosystems.
  • The design symbolizes the energetic balance between the Divine Feminine and Masculine and the warmth and renewal of both.

Fire is key to modern human existence. Without it, we would still be living at the sacred base, the root of human existence, where the goal is purely to survive.

With Fire comes renewal. Fires remove dead trees and litter from the forest floor. Shrubs and trees invading grasslands also are killed by fires. In each example, new healthy regrowth occurs. Fire does not imply death, but instead, Fire is a giver of change, creator of nutrients and renewal. Fire today is recognized as an instrument of change and a catalyst for promoting biological diversity and healthy ecosystems. 

Our ancestors recognized Fire with rebirth and renewal as well. It was used as a tool to improve hunting areas, and also used to create Smoke to waterproof clothing and preserve food.

The Fire's vibe is often associated with the masculine. Active, extroverted energies that sometimes be seen as aggressive or confrontational. The yang in nature. It is often thought to be connected to the right side of the body and is part of the balance that makes us whole.

During this time in human history, it is important to reclaim the Feminine and Masculine within each of us. In our culture, we are noticing a rise in Feminine energies while many humans are starting to find a balance of both Masculine and Feminine frequencies within ourselves.

To create energetic balance in the WyldFire design, I incorporated the yin, or Feminine, by elevating the Fire higher on the wearer's left side (energetically thought to be the feminine side). So although the Fire is masculine, it is the Feminine vibes that are elevating the Fire (renewal) higher.  

"It is in fact, energetically starting the process of renewal in perfect Feminine and Masculine balance."

Perhaps in our 3D human reality, the design is perceived to be off-balance. It is in fact, starting the process of renewal in perfect Feminine and Masculine balance. Ultimately creating a healthier, more creative, and diverse reality.

I hope you find the WyldFire within you. 🔥🔥🔥

Thanks for reading,

Yana Robertson - Feral Lyfe CEO/Designer


To Candice, Steve and Luke Heppner for your help! Steve and Luke for your expertise with wildfires to ensure this design had the correct amount of yellow. ;) And to Candice, for being part of the prototyping process and the launch shoot!


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