Just Dropped! NEW Spring Legging Designs

Just Dropped! NEW Spring Legging Designs

I am soooo grateful to have such amazing, feral and wild women in my lyfe! 

This release sets a milestone for not only Feral Lyfe, but also for me the creative. This is my first whole collection launch where I didn't have to rely on myself to model the product, but was able to wrangle some friends together to help. I solely got to be the creative behind-the-scene. 

I'm getting ahead of myself. First I should start with the designs, and the fact we are releasing three at one time...for the first time ever. Usually we release only one at a time, but now as I'm becoming a more experienced business owner and have processes in place, we can dial it up a notch.

This Spring release I knew I wanted to focus on getting designs out of my head that are special for the time of year, but also special because SO MANY OF YOU ASK for "pattern morel mushrooms" and "more aqua" and "more landscapes", and "more fish". 😊 My inspiration comes from you. 



Having already made a Morel Mushroom design (Morchella) gave way to folks letting me know how much they craved a morel mushroom pattern design.

Well I'll be fully honest with you basic-ol' repeating patterns aren't my style. Sure I create repeating patterns under unique circumstances, but there isn't much of a challenge in it (and is why you see them so much by other designers but we won't get into that).

I also knew I had to make this NEW Morel design more dimensional and HAD TO INCLUDE an ANTLER! So....long design story short, let me introduce to you the Morel Spell Collection.

Special thanks to Feral Friend, Kali for running around the woods, spotting elk, and playing with antlers with me. I've known Kali since she was a little baby and now she's all grown up! I can't wait for more adventures with this wild woman full of outdoors knowledge and know-how. 


We all love the color. That crystal blue persuasion aqua that makes our visual senses light up with glee, we also know that river rocks are super spectacular within the underwater landscape. So many Fish Creek on that map, and they all hold special secrets of trout and underwater magic. That is the inspiration behind the Fish Creek Collection. 

Featured Feral Friend, Sara B. One of our first customers she has almost every design and since her first legging purchase, Sara has been along every step on the way. Believing in the product, believing in me, giving valuable feedback (seriously, she double checks make sure I don't put anything in the 'wrong areas' and gives me the hard truth is a design could be better because she knows what I am capable of) and hence because a valued friend and outdoors adventure pal. 


When I first saw the silks flying in the wind I ran quickly to my off-the-grid cabin to grab some optics. Upon return and reaching my spot, I focused on the fabric floating and the person tangled up in them and I saw the most beautiful feral scene.

There suspended from the bridge was a woman dancing over top of the Clark Fork River with only thin pieces of fabric holding her up...doing the splits...upside down! I was frozen in awe.

Living off-the-grid at the time, I had a lot of chores and I knew I had to get back to them. For months I regretted not walking my ass down to the bridge and see up close what was transpiring. I told myself if I ever have the opportunity to go talk to this woman again, I wouldn't let it pass me by. I always yearn to see my legging designs on unique women doing unique things.

Then on one beautiful sunny day, I saw the floating fabrics! I was so excited I ran into my little office space, grabbed a pair of M leggings (because that is what fits most gals) and hoped that the woman dancing over the river would want to talk to me. I had to make a move. I made a promise to myself to do something if this opportunity presented itself.

So I walked the walk to the bridge, heart pounding, unable to even think about what I was going to say...just hoping this woman would be happy to talk with me.

Using my sneaky stalking skills, I watched her for a while before making myself known. I was transfixed on her movements, on her body and the fact that this woman was slightly older than me and doing THAT! 

I made myself known, she came down to chat with me and introduced herself as Raven. AT THAT MOMENT I KNEW, we were destined to be feral friends.

I nervously told her about my leggings business and how much I'd appreciate it if she'd test out my leggings to let me know her thoughts. And if she approved I'd love the chance to take photos and videos of her in my designs. Having known most folks love the fabric I choose to put my designs on, I felt confident I'd be hearing from her again.

I don't exactly remember if she reached out to me first or I was hustlin' and I reached out to her first. What I know is that I wanted to get to know Raven more and this rad form of strength training and practice she dominates in. 

So we bonded over tea in her aerial acrobatic studio. What Raven didn't know is that at the time I was picking up of subtle cues of her personality and her strength. I quickly realized I wished more women were like her. Fierce, wild and full of prowess...FERAL. So I created a design to reflect how I wish all women should feel like with hopes that when the wearer puts on the Glow Feral Soul design, they will tap into their would limitless self.

Once the design was ready and I had leggings on the way for a photoshoot, I contacted Raven. She asked if she could bring a friend and my first thought was "Wait, there are MORE like you?! Please, bring her." 😊

Enter Morgan. Quiet at first, but a beautiful free spirit full of love and appreciation. Once she warmed up to me and the camera all I could see was sparkle and shine. Wow, what an amazing light! I'm looking forward to getting to know her more and the specialness she will add to this lyfe. 


So as you can see, this launch is a special one filled with REAL WOMEN FRIENDS wearing the LEGGINGS I DESIGN enjoying the OUTDOORS. Looking forward to more adventures this to come! 💛

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