Summer Dresses Have Arrived

Summer Dresses Have Arrived

What a 🔥 summer! To make things a tad cooler and A LOT more wild, we added adventure dresses to the store!

"So comfy, I'm not taking it off so I'm not giving it back!" - Feral Friend while prototyping.

Created using the designs we know you love + the fabrics we know you love!

Play in the wild or wear to your next event, these dresses feel great on!

Cut to flatter the female form while feeling comfortable and feral!

Dresses for women {and men too, if that is your style) that enjoy fishing, hiking, hunting, foraging, exploring, and love the outdoors! 

One thing is for certain, you will get compliments and you will feel great in the NEW Adventure dresses by Feral Lyfe.

 Behind The Seams with Yana and a super short explanation of how we morph leggings to dress!

Shop the *NEW* Adventure Dress Collection by Feral Lyfe (click here)

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