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Feral - Best-seller Outfit Bundle

Feral - Best-seller Outfit Bundle

Made Special for You

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Apparel made special for You, with Nature in mind.

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Feral - Best-seller Leggings Outfit Set

  • Feral Leggings: Channel your adventurous spirit with our Feral Leggings, boasting a striking design that combines a bold green under base with an edgy white and black topography pattern. These leggings are more than just activewear; they're a statement piece for the outdoor enthusiast.

  • Hooded Long Sleeve Tee: The Hooded Long Sleeve Tee in this bundle is no ordinary shirt. Featuring the 'Feral' text that perfectly complements the design of the leggings, it effortlessly merges style and comfort. The matching hues and cohesive design details make this tee a fantastic addition to your outdoor wardrobe.
  • Bundle & Get a FREE Holographic Sticker: When you bundle these top-selling leggings, we're throwing in a free Feral Holographic Sticker. It's a small token of our appreciation for sharing your adventures with us
An Unbeatable Outfit: Together, the Feral Leggings and Hooded Long Sleeve Tee create a complete, effortlessly chic outfit that's ideal for any adventure, whether you're out on the trails or simply relaxing by the campfire. The bold green of the leggings harmonizes beautifully with the top, and the edgy topography pattern carries over to the long-sleeve tee, forming a fashionable ensemble that's perfect for making a statement in the great outdoors. It's a head-turning combination that celebrates your passion for adventure and style simultaneously.
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    Created with Nature in Mind

    Recycled Fabrics - Printed with Eco-Friendly - Fade Resistant Inks

    Made at Time of Order

    Most items are made at the time of order. This translates to we make it when you order it. This ensures minimum waste, quality goods, and sustainable fashion choices. Production times range from 1-10 days + shipping times.

    About Us

    Built on a reputation for garments made with choice fabrics and nature-inspired designs.

    We are a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and explorers, aerialists and yogis, anglers and hunters, outdoor women and outdoor men along with their pets and kids, and anyone who likes to Live Wild Style.


    Feral Lyfe Creed


    • Show Your Wild Vibes Celebrate your wild style
    • Spark the Wild Within Yourself and others by sharing the outdoors
    • Stay United to the Wild Give back to nature it has given so much to us
    #FeralLyfe - #StayFeral
    Yana here owner/designer/HBIC here at Feral Lyfe.