2022 Annual Radness Report

2022 Annual Radness Report

From getting kicked off Facebook to new designs and rad product launches, 2022 was a year to remember!


Bear Mashup / Our First Custom Design Collaboration Raffle

Created while living and working out of the camper, we collaborated with Amber and American Bear Foundation to bring you the Bear Mashup Design. Read the Behind the Seams to learn more about the collaboration journey to create this in-depth design.

Pheasant Fusion Design

Read the Behind the Seams of how our Pheasant Design came to be.

More Gear with Feral


Feral is a word many disagree with, but let us be honest if you are reading this you have been domesticated in some form or another (I mean you are reading after all) but we also know that you are of a wild spirit and refuse to be a slave to social norm. You wouldn’t be reading this if you are ‘normal’, so whatever your feral style is, know you are never alone and you are appreciated.


Pocket Leggings

You asked, and we delivered using print files from previous designs. It is TBD if we will do full landscapes with the pocket leggings (it is very tricky) but we will keep trying as new designs and technology evolves. 


Practical for humans and pets we thought to offer a product with our art that can be worn by humans and furry friends.

Hooded Blankets

Amazing and quite possibly going to replace Leggings as our top-selling product, the hooded blankets are legit rad. Turn the hooded blanket into a cloak by adding a fun brooch or pin…I can’t stop wearing mine!

Rover Archery Paintball and Stumping Point

Archery is where it ALL began (our founder first found her love for archery hunting while wearing leggings at the age of 10) and will continue to be deeply ingrained in the Feral Lyfe compass. After years in the making and with collaboration with Robertson Stykbow and Archery Fun Flinger, the Rober Point was born. You can watch a video on how much fun it is below.

Lounge Pants


Available in a few designs, we are awaiting feedback on these to see if we should continue to make them in other designs. But let us say this, they are so comfortable and definitely being worn a lot around HQ. What do you think, should we make more in more designs?

Limited Edition Products

We made a few cool things, special for the holiday season that will retire at the end of the year and will only be brought back during special times.


Rainbow Trout Leggings

Brook Trout Leggings

Aurora Leggings

Mountain Mist Leggings

Moonstruck Leggings




Moved HQ from Missoula to our off-the-grid location in Helena


Feral Lyfe was built off-the-grid. We know more ‘working at home hacks’ than we care to mention and also how to organize and plan techy days based on the sun and weather patterns. IT IS ALL ABOUT NATURE AFTERALL! After our short (and yes miserable) stay in Missoula, we decided to move to our cabin in Helena and it has been the best decision we have EVER made. Although I do miss the trees and the humidity, we are getting back on track and spending more time outdoors doing the things we love.

Do you want a tour of our off-the-grid HQ? Let us know!

Got Kicked off Facebook

Yep, the FB folks decided I (Yana the owner of this madness) and my archery bowhunting ways were not ok and gave me the final boot. This took away my personal page along with the business Feral Lyfe Facebook page, so we are starting over. It can be said that sales have surely been affected by this and we look forward to growing on other platforms that are more acceptable to our hunting, fishing, foraging, and FERAL lifestyle.


More Legging Designs

For 2023 the goal is to focus more on what is working and create more legging designs! We already have two in the works plus a few surprises along the way!

Another Custom Design Collaboration Raffle (or two)

Be sure to sign up for our email/newsletter to know when this is happening, I’d love to collab on a design with you!


Of course, none of 2022 would have been possible without you and your support, so thank you! Our customers are the continual driver for us here at Feral Lyfe, and although we are far from normal (just like you), we appreciate you being part of this exciting journey. 

Cheers to 2022 and to New Adventures in 2023!

Yana Robertson - HBIC/Designer

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Loved meeting you at a show a few years ago. The leggings I bought back then are still going strong, and of course I bought more. Our family is Feral For Lyfe! Looking forward to new designs!!


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