Behind the Seams: Grizzly Bear x Black Bear Mashup Collaboration

Behind the Seams: Grizzly Bear x Black Bear Mashup Collaboration

The 1st {ever} bear education legging! Show (and learn) the differences between Grizzly and Black bears with these leggings! In collaboration with Amber K (who was attacked by a Grizzly and still loves them) and the American Bear Foundation. A Percentage of profits goes to bear habitat and bear conservation. 

The American Bear Foundation is a all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit.

How Bear Mashup Came Into Existence

When Amber Kornak won the custom design giveaway, it was her dream to create a legging that is both educational and colorful that incorporated her animal totem, the bear (believe me, this woman has ALL bear energy vibes, not just Griz and Black, there is the Polar and Panda bear mixed in there too). 

Amber Kornak was attacked by a grizzly on the third day of her job as a grizzly researcher.

When Amber was only 28 years young, she had a run-in with a wild bear, or rather the grizzly bear known as 770. Bear 770 took a squeeze on Amber’s head and Amber’s quick reaction to grab her bear spray saved her life! Now, instead of hating on bears, Amber is dedicating her life to bear education. This includes carrying bear spray for protection.

When Amber decided to put in for the custom design giveaway, she knew she wanted to create a legging design that educated people on the differences between bears along with helping out an organization that dedicates its energies to helping bears and bear education, American Bear Foundation.

Once Amber won the custom design giveaway and briefed me on her desire to bring in an additional party not just a design for her, but one that could be used to raise money for bear awareness, I knew I had to help.

Wait, let's back up a second and share a secret with you. When I first realized I’d be collaborating to make a design for ABF, I thought it was going to be a simple design. Something with some tracks, a darker theme that incorporated their brand identity and colors. Then I had a Zoom meeting with Amber and her vision was unexpected and I knew this wasn’t going to be a basic design.

This is going to be a design that educates about the differences between Griz and Black bear habitat, food, environment, multi-season, plus have a waterfall. After the mention of a waterfall, my eyes might have glazed over because my brain went into design mode. This was going to be tricky, but I respected Amber’s ambition, goal, and creative prowess. 


Ok, wild woman, let's do this.

I promised ten hours of design time. Ten hours quickly turned into 40+, I’m not exactly sure how many hours I created. I got so into it that I lost track and still don’t care. It’s all for an amazing cause and it's rad. Plus, Amber got bit in the head by a bear, what is a few more hours of design time?! Amber’s, patience with me along the whole design journey (which admittedly was a little more crazy than normal) is wholely appreciated.

About the Bear Mashup Design

Grizzly Bear vs Black Bear Mashup Leggings

Educate and look great wearing these bear mashup leggings. Grizzly Bears basking in the early fall while catching salmon jumping up a waterfall. Across the river on the right leg, Black Bears enjoy the tasty morsels of the forest and play in the early summer season. Griz Bear tracks on the right leg with Black Bear tracks on the left all over a vibrant mountain forest landscape and sky.

Can you find the bear that had a run in with Amber?

More Deets

Want to know more about Amber’s bear story, check out this article

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