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Feral Fox - Longline Hoodie

Feral Fox - Longline Hoodie

Made Special for You

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Apparel made special for You, with Nature in mind.

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Yana's 40th Birthday Hoodie

The first to be created for our founder's 40th birthday - the Feral Fox - Longline Hoodie is just long enough to cover the bum, yes designed with a feminine silhouette for the utmost comfort.


Feral Fox graphic on the front, with cracked pepper coloring and Montana topography.

Feral at 40 - A Poem

Through forests of wisdom and mountains of fun,
A journey well-lived, under the golden sun.
Foxy and fierce, like a wild, playful cat,
At forty, life's an adventure, imagine that!

Gray hairs may sneak in, but who really cares?
With each passing year, a tale it shares.
Forty and fabulous, embracing the breeze,
Dancing with trees and the rustling leaves.

So here's to the wild, the feral, and free,
At forty, let's celebrate you and me.
In the great outdoors, where laughter echoes,
A toast to being foxy at forty, let it crescendo!

~ Yana Robertson / Feral Lyfe - founder


About the Hoodie

Introducing our Longline Hoodie, a cozy blend of style and function (just like our leggings). A hoodie that covers the bum yet is fitted for a feminine silhouette. This hoodie is form-fitting so size up (or two) for a looser fit. The model is wearing size M, is 5'9. 
Key Features:
  • 20% cotton, 75% polyester, 5% spandex for the perfect balance
  • Soft cotton handfeel fabric surface for a luxurious touch
  • Brushed fleece interior for added warmth and coziness
  • Double-layer hood for the cold days
  • Floating kangaroo pocket to stash stuff in

Sorry, available in the USA only. 

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Created with Nature in Mind

Recycled Fabrics - Printed with Eco-Friendly - Fade Resistant Inks

Made at Time of Order

Most items are made at the time of order. This translates to we make it when you order it. This ensures minimum waste, quality goods, and sustainable fashion choices. Production times range from 1-10 days + shipping times.

About Us

Built on a reputation for garments made with choice fabrics and nature-inspired designs.

We are a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and explorers, aerialists and yogis, anglers and hunters, outdoor women and outdoor men along with their pets and kids, and anyone who likes to Live Wild Style.


Feral Lyfe Creed


  • Show Your Wild Vibes Celebrate your wild style
  • Spark the Wild Within Yourself and others by sharing the outdoors
  • Stay United to the Wild Give back to nature it has given so much to us
#FeralLyfe - #StayFeral
Yana here owner/designer/HBIC here at Feral Lyfe.