2020 Annual Radness Report

2020 Annual Radness Report

We all know it has been an crazy year, no need to go over the drama. Instead, let us take a chance to reflect back on the radness that happened in the Pure Venatic neck of the woods.

2020 Top Products

These are the products you, feral friends loved the most! Determined by best sellers, adds to carts and other data magic. Click an image to shop.

 1) Rainbow Trout Leggings

2) Brook Trout Leggings

3) Moonstruck Leggings

4) Rainbow Trout Neck Gaiter

5) Aurora Leggings

6) Wapiti Walk 2 Leggings

7) Brook Trout Neck Gaiter

8) Strength Shift Leggings

9) Bison Lumination Leggings

10) Elk Totem Leggings

New Designs Created

Where the creative radness happened. Designs created during the 2020 year. Some have been launched while other await their time to shine.

BHA - Public Land Owner Leggings Design

Collaboration, yet to release. Know when this design launches by signing up here.

Primitive Press Collection

Bison Lumination Collection + Our 1st Collection Launch Video

Feral Collection

New Product Styles Released

Other Rad Milestones

New Website Overhaul

For those of you who don't know, our head honcho business babe (aka me writing this) also built this website! There are days when one must wear the nerd glasses and make code magic happen. So I spent two months giving the website an overhaul. We moved platforms, created a brand new theme, did all new graphics and a F#ck ton more!

Our First Lookbook Video Release

Probably worth mentioning that I also filmed, sliced and diced and produced this video as well. Been working on my video skills and I look forward to making more!


 Yours Truly,

Yana Robertson

Owner - Founder - Fashion Designer - Business Babe - Website Designer - Social Media Slave - Wild Woman - Feral Friend
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