Four Year Anniversary FRENZY!

Four Year Anniversary FRENZY!

Join us as we celebrate our 4th year in business!

We are super stoked about our 4 years in business and to make it feral & fun, we have created a FRENZY! The party starts 8.5.2021 (and has ended), here is the scoop...

Unlock deals @ checkout that expire every four (4) minutes

  • After pushing the 'checkout' button, you will unlock up to 3 deals.
  • You will have a limited time to Grab the Deal before it is gone!

Get a FREE Feral Feral Feral T-Shirt with orders over $140

  • Freebie unlocks after checkout on the Thank You/Confirmation page.
  • You will have four minutes to add the shirt to your order before the lock comes back!
  • Sorry, shirt only available as a freebie (for now).


    Check our social media for GIVEAWAYS!

      Thanks everyone for being part of an amazing four years, we look forward to the feral future and the adventures it brings!

      Join the Frenzy! Unlock Deal & Earn a FREE T-shirt!

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