Behind the Seams: The Rebrand

Behind the Seams: The Rebrand

Who: Pure Venatic

What: Changed its business name to Feral Lyfe along with its business headquarter location.


  • Online - the website has changed to
  • Physical HQ - moved from off-the-grid in Alberton to on-the-grid Missoula, Montana.
  • Product Production - locations remain the same

When: Starting Feb 1 and transitioning thru

Why: Having a business name that is hard to pronounce has been a struggle and has had a significant impact on brand reach. The need to educate off-sets the opportunity cost to empower and motivate. People have loved the designs and products for 3+ years and have communicated so, however it has been tricky to get the reach we want with name limitations.

The rad thing is that since the introduction of Feral Friends on social media and the Feral Collection, women have been communicating to us how they break away from their normal daily lives by invoking their own feral side within nature.

 Now What?

This comes as an inspiration as all these females have one thing in common. We break free from domestication and choose to live a Feral Lyfe. We fiercely free ourselves from the norm by letting our feral, wild, side shine.


About the Name Feral Lyfe

To connect with her inner wild, someone leading a Feral Lyfe might find herself fly fishing, whereas another may choose to go paddle boarding on a swift river. A different Feral Friend might be found late at night howling at the moon by a bonfire or someone else could be roaming the wood with bow in hand pursuing food. A different gal can be found working on her fitness while also raising her wild children.


Fashion and apparel is a reflection of self and the products available at Feral Lyfe are inspired by wild vibes. Created for those that howl for adventure, women enjoying nature and living their feral life. We celebrate the freedom of being wild and the confidence that comes with spending time outdoors and connecting with nature.

Why the ‘Y’ you wonder. Because within life we all come to a Y in our paths, we all make decisions and the more Feral we are the more Y's present themselves. Plus my name is Yana and my family and I have A HUGE thing with Ys when it comes to proper nouns. Check out our Robertson Stykbow website!

What to Expect About the Products


New Products perhaps hoodies and bomber jackets and such.

More Kids Apparel, so mammas and kiddos can be even more matchy-matchy! And well because you all keep asking, so you shall receive!

More Leggings Designs and if the designs go well, they may get transitioned into other products like joggers, hoodies, gaiters, facemasks, blankets, bags and more!

Discontinuation of Men’s Joggers and Unisex Apparel (except for promotions and special events). Sorry fellas, the data came in and the opportunity cost to create new designs outweighs the need to make products that are specific to dudes. If you are IN LOVE with a design, contact us and we can work out a way to make ya something.

Show your wild style and feral nature!

Thank You for your patience during this transformation.

 Stay Feral Friends,

~ Yana
Owner/Founder/Wild Woman/Feral Female/Fashion Designer


#FeralLyfe #FeralFriend #Feral #StayFeral

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