Behind the Seams: Product Responsibility - Women at Work

Behind the Seams: Product Responsibility - Women at Work

Did you know 80% of the garment sector workforce is crafted by women*? Yes, there is a huge probability that the garments you are wearing right now were created by a woman. Pretty rad right? 🚺🧵💪

Since women are a key thread to our process, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for us here at Feral Lyfe to ensure a positive, lawful and ethical approach. What this means is we source our blank (white) fabric that we print our rad designs on from textile companies that ensure safe, humane working conditions while providing a LIVABLE WAGE. The same can be said about the blank t-shirts, hoodies, and hats we print on. We only source for companies that care about the working conditions of the folks that work there.

This ideology transfers over to the folks that print, cut, sew and ship our product over to you. Happy {women} workers, creating quality (eco-friendly) garments for women who are happy in the wild. ✨

What you may not know is A LOT of major brands are manufactured by apparel companies that show no respect for workers' rights. Women workers are paid low wages, have endless working hours, and operate in unacceptable health & safety conditions. This makes it so companies can create an 'inexpensive' product and simply slap their logo (or design) on a garment that was cheap to make but is sold to the consumer at a marketable price (not to mention these major brands owe billions of dollars back to apparel manufacturing companies).

We do things differently around here! 💖💪

Each purchase of a Feral Lyfe product goes into supporting women in the wild but also goes towards PROVIDING A GOOD QUALITY OF LIFE for women not common to the world of clothing manufacturing. 👖👕🧵✨

Thank you to all the women workers out there on this #IWD2021 working not only for Feral Lyfe, but all the apparel companies worldwide. Whether it is the woman designing the print, the woman sewing the garment, or the woman wearing the goods, today (and all days) we celebrate you!

Celebrating Women & the Feral Soul

* according to the International Labour Organization (ILO).
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